"There is rarely a lack of data, but there is often a lack of wisdom."


What if you need help getting clear?


Your Answer to these 4 Questions will point you in the right direction.

  • Does my current home continue to serve my needs?
  • Where will I go once I sell?
  • Why is that new direction important to me?
  • How will moving serve my greater good?

Important Decisions

As a seller what is your most important decision?


Beyond all else effective pricing is critical to your ultimate selling success. You’ll see as you move through this information, how choosing the effective price for your home opens every door for a more successful outcome.

Effective Price

How does a seller establish an "Effective Price?"


Start by separating your emotional attachment to your home. We realize this is far easier said than done and yet...the more you can stay objective about your home’s value relative to the current market realities, the better your judgment will be as you consider your pricing strategy.

Market Realities

How do “Market Realties” impact Effective Pricing?


The SOLD inventory only begins to tell the story of your home’s value. The relationship between the PENDING activity and SOLD inventory is a critical component to arrive at “Effective Pricing”. Thereafter, the ACTIVE competition will be considered to conclude the analysis. Done effectively, not only will you be able to know your Effective Price but when you may expect an offer.

Effective Pricing

How else does “Effective Pricing” help you?


Many Sellers focus primarily on their home’s value and don’t pay attention to THREE critical “value” components associated with the sale of their home.


Terms and Value

How do “TERMS” equate to VALUE?


Creating peace of mind when going into escrow with a buyer has tremendous value. It also creates the following advantages for you as a seller. Effective Pricing stimulates Buyer Demand and in turn, empowers your negotiating strength. Strength to secure TERMS such as:

  • Faster Closing Timelines
  • Potential early release of the buyer’s deposit
  • Shorter due diligence periods
  • The potential removal of appraisal and/or loan contingencies

Value of Time

How does the value of TIME play into this?


Now more than ever, Time is a most valuable currency. Effective Pricing also accelerates the time it takes to secure an offer, and your negotiating strength to define your escrow timeline.

Freedom Factor

What’s the FREEDOM Factor?


You’re selling your home for specific reasons and to move forward into the next phase of your life. The fastest way to a frustrating selling experience is an ineffective price that drags out the process and delays your ability to move forward, in freedom, to your next life experience.

Strategist Ambassador Negotiator

Strategist Ambassador Negotiator


Your agent must excel in three capacities as:

  • Strategist
  • Ambassador
  • Negotiator

Let’s define each of them.

Your Strategist

Your Strategist


No two deals are the same.


Dealing with the real-time market fluctuations of a deal makes it imperative that your strategist is able to read the landscape as it unfolds. Your strategist must also be able to remain cool under fire as the unexpected shows up. As your strategist, our job is to keep you two steps ahead of the action, each and every beat of the process.

Your Ambassador

Your Ambassador


We all know the phrase “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

As your ambassador, your agent is an extension of you and your home in making that “first impression”. How your agent represents you and presents your home can be the making and or breaking of the entire selling process.

Communication style and attention to detail are also critical performance criteria when considering your ambassador.

Your Negotiator

Your Negotiator


Agents are not trained as negotiators as they enter the profession. Their training comes “on the job” which means at the expense of their clients if they don’t have any natural ability. Compounding this fact is that most agents live “escrow to escrow” which potentially means their guidance and negotiating objectivity in service to you, may at times, be compromised.

Having written a book on the subject of negotiation called On Your Terms, here are my 9 negotiating keys that have served us with tremendous results. I’ve laid them out for you to consider and, if you’d like a copy of On Your Terms, it would be our pleasure to give you one.

Home is... so much more than what we lay our heads down at night.

Home is a source of rejuvenation, of healing and greater health
Home is where integrity begins and character is forged
Home is loving and laughter, occupying the same space and time
Home is where we lick our wounds and celebrate our victories
Home is where we take stock of our lives, our losses and our gains
Home is where we express our gratitude and share the best of who we are

Home is

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