Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city defined by its people - a place for bold dreams, creative expression and limitless possibilities. One of the most culturally distinct locations in the world, L.A. inspires all to immerse themselves in unique perspectives, unexpected moments, and an open-hearted community.

There is always someone to meet, something to discover or something new to learn in the City of Angels, for regular visitors and first timers alike. Multi-faceted neighborhoods full of hidden gems meet local classics and well-known destinations to discover. The city invites you to join the vibrant scene of world-class restaurants, breathtaking beaches, and artistic experiences galore.

Endless awe-inspiring art hangs across Los Angeles, the city with the most museums in all the United States. An epicenter for arts and culture, this city has made a name for itself across all creative representations, including yet not limited to theaters, architecturally acclaimed structures, lush gardens, and educational science museums.

Southern California is famous for its near-perfect weather with unending outdoor activities to explore. Plus, Los Angeles is one of few cities in the world where it’s possible to ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

Los Angeles is home to the world’s premier entertainment industry with many of the world’s most famous studios. Star-struck visitors and inhabitants scour the streets alongside some of the most notable celebrities of the industry day in and day out. Prepare for sunny with a chance of a flurry of fame each time you step outside.



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