About the Advisory

Those who excel in the profession of real estate sales over the course of a career know that the first priority in client relations is to understand and honor the needs of the client above all else. From that consciousness, a true professional may then leverage both their experience and reputation to design and execute specific strategies that create effective and positive results for their client. Any activity outside of that pursuit will undermine the fiduciary relationship between the Professional and Client and the ultimate tenure of the relationship.  
An altruistic pursuit indeed. 
But how many licensed real estate agents in this business actually conduct themselves in this manner? Either through first-hand experience or from stories from others, we know the pervasive lack of professionalism and self-serving actions that plague and undermine the integrity of our profession. 
As a way of amplifying our individual commitment to the superlative service we have demonstrated to our clients for a combined 60+ years, we four seasoned professionals with sterling reputations, the track record to back it up and the genuine enjoyment of each other’s company have joined forces.  We welcome clients who would like to be honored with the respect, care and attention to detail they deserve when considering the acquisition or sale of their home.
We are privileged that you would take the time to better understand our mission and commitment to you, and we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in your perfect timing. 

Ken McPherson
Sofia Boutella
The Advisory team and Shaun are naturals in the real estate business. He has a rare ability to pinpoint the perfect properties and help me acquire them as great investments and as well as personal home.

— Joe

What can I say about Shaun and The Advisory? First of all, I don't do reviews online, but I had to write this one. I have had many agents try to help me find a home for the last 8 years. Then, I met Shaun. He normally doesn't do much work in the area I was looking, but after a long phone conversation, he decided to help me out, and committed to finding me the right home, and he kept his promise. He w...

— Ken McPherson

I absolutely loved working with you guys - every step of the way! From start to finish - You guys have so much class, are thorough and kind - Thank you for pushing and representing me like no other could have!

— Sofia Boutella

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